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Legendary gospel music singer Goodluck Guzbert unveils a new powerful track dubbed “Huawezi Kushindana” along with its video performance.

“Huawezi Kushindana” is a great song that definitely deserves a spot on your playlist if you are a lover & fan of gospel songs.

Goodluck Guzbert is a colossal gospel music soloist whose portfolio wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging the Grace of God to be a blessing as in dropping this renowned and career-changing song, Huawezi Kushindana.

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Just as the scripture says “They go from strength to strength, until each appears before God in Zion.”

As you listen to ‘Huawezi Kushindana’ by Goodluck Guzbert you will be changed into his image with ever-increasing glory.

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Lyrics: Goodluck Guzbert – Huawezi Kushindana

Hauwezi kushindana, oh kushindana
(You cannot compete, cannot compete)
Na mwanadamu mwenye kinywa
(With a person with a mouth)

Kama maneno yangekuwa yanaweza kutoboa mwili huu
(If words were able to pierce this body)
Mbona sasa ningekuwa na vidonda mwili mzima
(Then my body would be full of wounds)
Vita vya maneno kuna watu ni majemedari
(In the war of words, there are Generals)
Ukisema mshindane mbona mikono mtainua
(If you were to compete, you will lose)
Kupigwa vita ni kawaida isikusumbue
(Being fought is usual, do not let it bother you)
Wewe ni mti wenye matunda, zoea mawe
(You are a tree with fruits, get used to the stones)
Lia kidogo, nyamaza ili uchungu uishe
(Cry a little, then be quiet that the pain will end)
Ukiendelea unawapa kichwa hao
(When you continue, you confuse them more)
Basi laza imani, rejea vitani
(Then pick up your faith and return to the fight)
Wakikuona waseme, umekuwa sugu
(When they see you to say you have become tough)
Acha waongee, acha waseme seme
(Let them speak, let them talk about you)
Ila yuko Mungu wakuwaziba midomo
(For there is a God that will shut their mouths)


Ikiwa Mungu anahukumu kwa kusikiza maneno
(If God judged by listening to words)
Mbona hata matumbo ya mimba yanasemwa sana
(Then what of pregnancies that are talked about a lot)
Hivi Mungu angehukumu kwa kusikiza umbea
(If God judged by listening to gossip)
Si ningekushauri mchungaji wangu ufunge kanisa
(Then I would advise you my minister to close the church)
Mwanadamu, mwanadamu shida ni ulimi
(The human, the man has an issue with the tongue)
Ungejifunza ukimya, haunanga hasara
(If you teach it silence, you will not lose)
Fulani, we fulani una shida gani?
(My friend, what is your problem?)
Na uongo wanini? Mwogope Mungu
(Why lie? Fear God)
Ukumbuke ni ahadi, kuna siku yaja
(Remember it is a promise, that a day is coming)
Kwa kila neno na kinywa chako utatolea hesabu
(That every word from your mouth with be brought to account)
Mimi nimeshakwambia kubali uwache
(I have already told you, agree to leave it alone)
Utajijua na shingo yako ngumu
(You will understand yourself to be tough)
Siwezi kushindana, oh kushindana
(I cannot compete, cannot compete)
Na mwanadamu mwenye kinywa
(With a human with a mouth)


Yesu, huyu Yesu hakujitetea kabisa
(Jesus, this Jesus did not defend himself)
Japo walimsema kwa ubaya aliwasamehe
(Though they talked with evil intents, He forgave them)
Na wewe uwasamehe, uwaombee
(And you forgive them, and pray for them)
Kwa maana hawayajui wasemaya
(For they do not know ..?)
Wakifingyanga ubaya, uwajibu kwa wema
(When they do wrong, answer them with kindness)
Usishindane na mtu, wajibu kwa wema
(Do not compete with anyone, answer them with kindness)
Ata iwe ni ndugu wa karibu, wajibu kwa wema
(Even if it is your close brother, answer them with kindness)
Si vizuri wewe, usilipe kisasi, wajibu kwa wema
(It is not good for you to revenge, answer them with kindness)
Tena wema uende, wajibu kwa wema
(Do good and leave, answer them with kindness)
Eh, wajibu kwa wema
(Oh, you answer with goodness)
Maana x2
(Because, because)


About this masterpiece

Fecund Gospel music minister, and multi-talented envoy of God, drops this latest masterpiece amazingly JustGospel have it for you to download this year 2020. As a commentary on this masterpiece, JustGospel Media says: "It is a Gospel piece God gave during a fellowship moment, which reminds us of a privilege we have received as a man to call him by his name “Jesus Christ” which means the the one who saves, it has blessed me in so many ways and I pray it blesses you too."

A Piece Every Believer Should Have

Minister of God to men, the award-winning singer comes through with the official visual for this latest hit masterpiece. You can watch the nostalgic visual below. The multi-talented minister invites the host of Heaven to join us on the release of this piece. This is a Gospel piece that talks about God’s love and the desire to get drenched in it, it’s a cry every Christian can relate with. It is a demonstration that acknowledges God as the all-powerful and incomparable One with the ultimate authority.

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